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Al-Arba'een fi't Tasawwuf (40 Ahaadeeth on Tasawwuf)

Al-Arba'een fi't Tasawwuf (40 Ahaadeeth on Soofism)

Abu Abdur Rahmaan as-Sulami As-Soofi
(330 – 412 H)

Tahqeeq of Narrations:
Dhahabi ul-'Asr Allaamah Abdur Rahmaan bin Yahya al-Mu'allami al-Yamaani (rahimahullah)

Translation of Ahaadeeth:
Fakhruddin Owaisi

Translation of Comments:
Ahl ul-Isnaad


Introduction of the Book:

The present work is a translation of As-Sulami’s collection of Forty Hadeeth regarding Soofism, named “Kitaab al-Arba’een fi’t-Tasawwuf”. This edition is based on an original Arabic text that was transcribed in the year 867/1463 by a student of the great Hadeeth Master Al-Haafidh Ibn Hajar al-Asqalaani (D. 852/1449) of Cairo, named “Shams ud-Deen Muhammad bin Abdur Rahmaan as-Sakhaawi (D. 902 H)”. Al-Sakhaawi had heard the whole text from Ibn Hajar, who in turn, through a chain of six narrators, narrates it from As-Sulami. Al-Sakhaawi has also done Takhreej of the narrations of this book which is also published.

In this book, As-Sulami, being the chief of Soofi innovators that he was, has tried to justify the importance and virtues of innovated Soofi practices behind the curtain of Hadeeth. And in doing so, he has relied on several weak and fabricated narrations, as is the usual practice of Soofiyah. Therefore, I thought it is important to expose these narrations through this translation and tahqeeq and portray the actual picture of the narrations used.

Kitaab al-Arba’een was first published by the Islamic research and publication center, Daa’irah al-Ma’aarif al-Uthmaaniyyah in the 1950’s and reprinted in 1981. The Tahqeeq of the book was done by the great Scholar and the Dhahabi of his time, Al-Allaamah Abdur Rahmaan bin Yahya al-Mu’allami al-Yamaani rahimahullah.

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